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Best Of Whistler Wedding Photography 2019 | Janice Power Photography | A Year in Review

Updated: Feb 13

Best Of Whistler Wedding Photography 2019 | Janice Power Photography | A Year in Review

My first official year in business on the west coast as a Whistler wedding photographer has certainly been one for the books. To the amazing clients, fabulous vendors, and other extraordinary photographers who took me under their wings, I want to say 'THANK YOU'! You have all made my year an exciting and special journey. I am not normally one for resolutions but I have decided to make an exception for 2020. This year I intend on sharing more of the beautiful content I am lucky enough to create as a Whistler wedding photographer. I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful natural setting, and getting to create special moments of connection in nature for my couples means the world to me. Below you will find some of my favourite images of 2019 from some of the best wedding venues in Whistler and the surrounding area. Thanks for coming along for the ride as I go through my best of Whistler Wedding Photography from 2019.

whistler groom places wedding speach inside jacket pocket
whistler bride smiles toward sister during nita lake ceremony
nita lake wedding bridal party whistler winter wedding
whistler winter wedding bride groom photos with pets

Nita Lake Lodge never disappoints as a venue. Whether winter or summer Nita is always a beautiful place for Whistler wedding photography.

Whistler wedding photography is not the only thing that I have the pleasure of photographing here. I am also lucky enough to get to capture peoples well planned Whistler proposals and Whistler engagement photography (sometimes in a helicopter with the fantastic folks at Blackcomb Helicopters).

With a view of both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains Rainbow Lake is always a top contender for a good Whistler photography session.

The Whistler Sliding Centre offers a unique venue up on Blackcomb mountain. And the best part? No noise curfew! You can party up there until the cows come home. Or until the athletes want to start training the next morning.

smiling bride groom during ceremony whistler sliding center
bride groom portraits whistler sliding center
bride groom kiss whistler wedding forest
whistler sliding center fun bobsled

Located in Squamish, BC, Sunwolf may be slightly outside the boundaries of Whistler but it is not too far away! It is an excellent choice for some (close to) Whistler wedding photography.

A Whistler wedding photography roundup could not be complete without a nod to the Four Seasons Whistler light sign. Such a fun spot for portraits!

four seasons whistler wedding couple

Pemberton is another great option for a close to Whistler wedding. With its many golf courses and wedding venues nestled at the foot of Mount Curry the town just north of Whistler offers some spectacular backdrops for wedding photography.

bride groom ceremony pemberton golf course
pemberton wedding bridal party field
whistler golf course wedding bride groom

bride groom first look green lake whistler
whistler bridal party walks away cloudy mount curry
north arm farm wedding ceremony whistler
field pemberton whistler wedding couple
north arm farm wedding dance party

Last, but certainly not least, we have Whistler Blackcomb itself! A short ride up the gondola is the ultimate destination for Whistler wedding photography. You can not beat those alpine views from the Roundhouse ceremony site, and the party you can throw down at Dusty’s is sure to leave your guests feeling like they experienced the true Whistler wedding life.

whistler blackcomb roundhouse wedding ceremony
whistler blackcomb wedding bride portrait
wedding dancing dustys bar whistler blackcomb

Thanks for sticking it out through my Best Of Whistler Wedding Photography 2019!

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